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Super Choice Governance Disclosures

The Super Choice Governance Disclosures can be accessed from the list below.



All trustees of superannuation funds have a legal responsibility to make certain documents and disclosures available. Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited as trustee of Hunter United Super Choice Fund, a sub-fund of the CUBS Superannuation Fund RSE number R1068832 has elected to make these items available from this website and details of each disclosure or links to the relevant documents are provided below.

The Trustee is not an out-sourced provider, it is an APRA regulated institution that outsources particular functions of the Fund (e.g. the administration, custodial services, promotion etc.). As such, the Trustee should be listed separately (see Prudential Standard CPS 231 Outsourcing) along with a link to ETSL’s Registrable Superannuation Entity Disclosures page.

If an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, or AFCA. AFCA provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1800 931 678 (free call)

In writing to: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001.


Governance documents


Significant Event Notices issued by the Trustee

SEN Number 1, 1 June 2013.

Summary: This SEN was distributed to members as a result of changes to the Insurance Premiums for Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), offered by the Fund. As well as: changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Fund's insurance offering. View SEN Number 1, 1 June 2013.

SEN Number 2, 10 September 2013.

Summary: This SEN was distributed to members as a result of an error in unit prices for the product as a result of delays in implementing underlying cash and fixed interest investments which have impacted the income accrual of investment options. View SEN Number 2, 10 September 2013.

SEN Number 3, 17 February 2014.

Summary: This SEN was distributed to members as a result of changes effective from 1 July, 2013, The SEN outlines that trustees of Australian superannuation funds are required to have adequate financial resources to address losses arising from operational risks that may affect a fund. View SEN Number 3, 17 February 2014.

SEN Number 4, 30 May 2016.

Summary: This SEN was distributed to members due to the requirement for trustees of superannuation funds that establish and maintain an Operational Risk Financial Requirement Reserve (ORFR) to have increased the ORFR to an appropriate level of financial resources for their fund’s operational risks by 30 June 2016. View SEN Number 4, 30 May 2016.


Fact Sheets


Listing of material outsourced providers

  • Trustee: Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited ABN 50 055 641 757
  • Sub-Promoter: Hunter United Employees Credit Union Limited ABN 68 087 650 182
  • Asset consultants: Tag Asset Consulting Group Pty Ltd (trading as Atchison Consultants) ABN 58 097 703 047
  • Custodians: Equity Trustees Limited ABN 46 004 031 298. Level 2/575 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • Insurer: TAL Life Limited ABN 70 050 109 450

Fund Performance Results


Superannuation Code of Practice


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