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Staff Volunteering Days

Everything we do starts and ends with you, with customer-owned banking services for the benefit of the community.

We're Here For You

We love supporting our customer's communities, that’s why we give our staff two paid leave days each year to do volunteer work.

If your charity or good cause is based in the Newcastle region and you need some volunteers to get things moving, get in touch and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.


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Are You Eligible?

Get a high rate of return & the freedom to access your money anytime.

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You Won't Regret It

Product is the No Regrets Home Loan, suitable for owner occupied loans over $400K.

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Do Something You Won’t Regret

Get fast approval and a low rate on owner occupied & investment home loans over $400K.

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1st Home Buyer?

Adulting is the worst. But we can help with a No Regrets 1st Home Buyer Loan.

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Go Bananas!

Here’s how to get the cash you need to buy a new/used car, FAST.

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Green Personal Loan

Get a no fuss, low rate green personal loan, suitable for just about any sustainable home improvement.

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Life Changing Personal Loans

With a loan for just about everything, you could start living the life you’ve always wanted.

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