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Premium Access Account

Hunter United’s Premium Access Account is a great transaction account for your daily needs.

Apply Online Make an Enquiry 1800 10 10 63

Designed to give you freedom to use your money how you want, anywhere, anytime.

  • Enjoy freedom from monthly account keeping fees
  • Winner of Mozo Experts Choice 'Travel Debit Card" in Travel Money category at the 2018 Mozo Experts Choice Awards.



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Premium Access Account
Product Information
Variable Interest Rate0.00% pa
Access Methods
Branch TransactionsYes
Mobile Banking Yes
Internet BankingYes
Direct CreditsYes 
Direct DebitsYes 
Fees (see full details in Fees and Charges brochure)
Monthly Fee$0 


Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Please consider the Deposit Product Terms and Conditions and and Account Access Terms and Conditions before making a decision about this product. 

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