Hunter United’s Green Saver Loan - Pick of the Bunch

Friday, 12 February 2016 14:52


In an article published by Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), 25th November 2015, Hunter United’s Green Saver Personal Loan was named as the cheapest personal loan for solar, at 9.74%.

The article, written by David Potts, personal finance writer and Money columnist for the SMH, explains the next phase in solar for consumers and their finance options for taking advantage of the benefits of solar.

“There are forecasts of a coming boom in solar batteries to rival the boom in panel installation of the first Kevin Rudd era. US-based Greentech Media claims Australia will be a leader in installing batteries, forecasting solar storage capacity to rise from 6.6 megawatts to 75 megawatts in 2016, hitting 800 megawatts by 2020.”

On the benefits of solar David explains, “As the costs of panels and batteries keep falling, who would pay an energy company 45¢ a kilowatt hour when you can generate the power yourself, with some assistance from the sun, for 8¢ to 12¢ a kilowatt hour? Especially when it's never been easier, or cheaper, to finance a solar installation. The other thing that's changed since Copenhagen, and Australia's previous solar boom, is the rise of leasing or pay-as-you-go options."

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This easy to follow video explains how solar batteries will change our homes in the future. If you’re considering installing solar, think about the next phase in solar energy – solar batteries!

Hunter United offer affordable Green Loans for environmentally friendly homes and home projects. 

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