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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions about our fast payments service, we’ve got the answers!


What is Osko?

Osko® offers faster payments, in under a minute, 24/7 – even on weekends! It is offered to consumers through their existing internet banking channel. You can read more about it here:


Osko FAQs


How is Osko by BPAYTM different from BPAY®? Will it replace BPAY or BPAY View®?

Osko is a complementary service to BPAY and BPAY View, addressing new and alternative ways for Australians to pay. It is a person-to-person payment service. BPAY Payments is a consumer-to-organisation bill payment service and BPAY View is a bill presentment service.


How secure is Osko by BPAY?

Because Osko by BPAY is implemented using our own security standards together with the best industry standards, it’s super safe. Security is also monitored 24/7. All payments are also subject to participating financial institutions’ real-time fraud screening and detection capabilities. As always, you should remain alert to cons and scams, particularly if a random person requests an unexpected payment or your account information via social media, emails or SMS.


How will I know who I can pay with Osko?

Just ask the person you want to pay if they are using Osko or have a PayID.


How will I know if I made a payment using Osko?

There'll never be any surprises with Osko because payment details always appear in your account when you pay or get paid.


Do I need to register my account to be able to receive or make an Osko payments?

If your account permits the use of Osko and you are registered for Internet Banking you will be able to select the option to make an Osko payment through Internet Banking. If your account is currently able to receive an incoming payment it will also be ready to receive an Osko payment, no additional registration is required.


Does ‘Osko’ stand for something?

No. You can send Osko Payments to someone’s PayID or the traditional BSB and Account Number method. You do not need a PayID to receive Osko Payments.


Do I need to have a PayID to use OSKO?

No. You can send Osko Payments to someone’s PayID or the traditional BSB and Account Number method. You do not need a PayID to receive Osko Payments.


How can I make Osko payments?

You can make an Osko Payment via the ‘Payments’ section in Internet Banking. You will have the option to send an Osko Payment to someone’s:

  1. BSB and Account Number
  2. PayID (includes mobile & email) landline, ABN/ACN, or organisation identifier)

How do I make an Osko payment using a PayID?

Simple – here’s how to pay someone via an Osko payment, using their PayID.

  1. Log into Hunter United Internet Banking
  2. Click on ‘Payments’
  3. Select OSKO
  4. Select a PayID from your existing list, or add your New Payee’s PayID details in the fields provided
  5. Enter payment details, such as source account, amount, payment (Don’t forget, you can now also add a message of up to 280 characters, including emojis!)

How will I know if the person I want to pay has Osko?

Not all financial institutions will offer Osko Payments. When making an Osko Payment we will verify whether the payee’s bank account accepts Osko and let you know before you make the payment.


How secure is the Osko payment process?

Osko Payments are secure and will undergo extra transaction monitoring by our fraud detection system. To ensure your money is safe, we may hold Osko Payments for up to 24 hours if further authentication is required.


My Osko payment has failed – why?

There may be a number of reasons why an Osko Payment has failed. These could be:

  1. The BSB or account number used may be incorrect
  2. The payee’s account or financial institution may not accept Osko Payments
  3. The PayID may be incorrect
  4. There may be an issue with the system

After double checking the payee details, and verifying your payee is setup to receive Osko payments, if your Osko Payment still fails, our contact centre may be able to help on 02 4941 3888.


How do I ensure my contact details are correct?

Entering an email address or mobile number in Internet Banking for use as a PayID will not update your customer contact details. If you wish to change the contact mobile number or email address that we have on file, you’ll need to notify us via secure mail within Contact Us section of Internet Banking, give us a call on 024941 3888 or visit your nearest branch. The same applies in reverse – if you update your contact details with us, your PayIDs are not automatically updated. You will need to close your old PayIDs and register new ones if you no longer have your mobile number or email address.


Can someone access my bank account via my mobile or email address?

No. PayIDs can only be used to receive payments via the NPP. They cannot be used to withdraw money from accounts and can only be used for Australian domestic NPP payments.


What happens if my payment doesn't go through immediately?

The NPP was setup to allow for all payments to be processed between financial institutions within 15 seconds in most cases, although there will be times when this does not occur. All transactions will be monitored to make sure that payments made by and to Hunter United customers are providing the best customer experience possible.


I got a ‘One Time Password’ for an existing payee – why?

Using a Pay ID, if you’ve attempted to pay someone whose account details (BSB and Account Number) you’ve previously saved in Online Banking, you may receive a ‘One Time Password’. This measure is in place as the attempt to transfer funds to your payee using the new method of PayID constitutes a new payee within Internet Banking. This is simply an added security measure and is not cause for alarm.

What is a PayID?

A PayID is something easy to remember, like a phone number or email address, that you can securely link to your account. Then when you want somebody to transfer funds into your account, you can give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number. You can read more about PayID here:




What PayID types can be used?

PayID types will vary for each financial institution. At this stage, Hunter United is supporting both mobile numbers and email address in the first instance.


What are the benefits of PayID?

PayID allows you to use something that you already know, such as your email address or mobile phone number. A PayID also means you don’t have to share your BSB and account number anymore, which are so much harder to remember!

Also, if you’re worried about sending money to the wrong person, PayID will help with that too. When you make a payment to a PayID, the name of the person who owns it is shown to you before you approve the payment.


Will PayID replace BSBs and account numbers?

No. PayID will not replace BSBs or account numbers, but you can use your PayID as an easy to remember substitute.


Who can create a PayID?

A PayID can be created by a customer or business who can prove they have the authority to use both the PayID identifier and the account they link it to. Validation checks will be performed by financial institutions to ensure the user creating the PayID is authorised to access and use the identifier and the financial account.

Personal banking customers will be able to create their PayID through Internet Banking.

In the first instance when we launch our fast payment service, we will not be supporting ABNs/ACNs, organisational identifiers or Landlines as PayIDs.


Is PayID secure?

Yes, PayID is secure. When you create a PayID, all information is stored in a secure, encrypted data repository.


What happens if my PayID is locked?

We monitor PayID use for misuse and fraud and may disable (lock) a PayID to temporarily stop the PayID from being able to receive payments. You will still be able to receive payments to your BSB and account number.


Can I transfer a PayID I registered with another financial institution to my Hunter United account?

Yes, when our service is live. To move your PayID to Hunter United from another financial institution, visit manage my PayID in the payments section of Internet Banking.


What if I don’t like my PayID Name?

The PayID is not a nickname. It is the name on your account and cannot be changed.


What happens if the PayID I want to use is already registered by someone else?

Please contact us on 02 4941 3888 or visit your local branch.


Why might an account not be visible when creating a PayID in e-banking?

Only accounts that are eligible for PayID will appear when creating a PayID in Internet Banking.


What should I do if I don’t receive the six digit verification code when creating a PayID?

Ensure that the phone number or email address is correct and that you have access to that mobile phone or email address to retrieve the code. If you still don’t receive the code, contact us on 02 4941 3888.


Can a PayID be created on a term deposit account?

No, term deposits are not eligible for PayIDs.


Is it safe to share my PayID?

Yes, it is safe to share your PayID. Your PayID will be either your mobile number or your email address, so these are things most people who know you already have!


What happens if I lose my mobile phone and that number was also my PayID?

Well hopefully that doesn’t happen! But if it does, your PayID remains unchanged – it’s your number, not your phone that it’s linked to. If you do need to change your mobile number, you will need to close that PayID and create a new PayID with the new mobile phone number.


Do I need a PayID to make a fast payment?

No. PayID is something you can use if you want to simplify the payments process by not having to remember BSBs and Account Numbers. If you want to pay someone you already have the BSB and account number saved for, you can still use those details via the Osko payments platform.


When using a PayID, how do I know I’m paying the right person?

When paying to a registered PayID, the PayID Name will be displayed. You should ensure the PayID Name accurately represents your intended payee before continuing with the payment. Any queries about the PayID name you are paying should be directed to the payee.


Can one PayID be linked to more than one account?

No. An individual PayID can only link to one account at a time. However, different types of PayIDs can be linked to one financial account, for example, a mobile phone and an email address.


Can I have multiple PayIDs?

Yes. You can have multiple PayIDs, but each individual PayID can only be linked to one account.


Can a PayID be used to make or receive overseas payments?

No, a PayID can only be used for Australian payments.

What is the New Payments Platform (NPP)?

The New Payments Platform is new infrastructure built by Australian banks that will enable customers of different banks to make and receive near fast payments, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can read more about the New Payments Platform here:




Who can make fast payments?

Anyone who is registered for Hunter United Internet Banking, with an account that permits Osko payments.


Who can receive fast payments?

Anyone with an account that can receive direct credits.


Where am I able to see transaction references over 280 characters?

Long references made with fast payments will be visible in Internet Banking, but may be truncated on statements.


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