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Mistaken Payments

If you're looking at this page you've probably made a mistake paying someone! It's OK. We can help.


How to Resolve a Mistaken or Misdirected Payment

If you’ve made a payment to the wrong account (using any payment type other than BPAY®) you can make a request for us to recall the funds for you. There are a few ways you can make this request:

  • Log in to Internet Banking (on a desktop/laptop computer), click on “More”, then “Contact Us” and complete/submit the “Mistaken/Misdirected Payment” form; or
  • Complete the Mistaken/Misdirected Payment Recall Request form manually from this link and send it back to us; or
  • Call us on 02 4941 3888; or
  • Visit a branch and we'll help you submit the request in person.

Please be aware there is legislation surrounding the recall of Mistaken/Misdirected Payments, which is contained in our Account Access Terms and Conditions.

How Long will it Take to be Resolved?

If the money is still in the other person's bank account and it is a genuine mistake (e.g. because the account name and number do not match), then the process for recovering the money depends on how quickly you have reported the mistake to us. Most funds are returned within 20 business days. Sometimes however recovery can be unsuccessful.


If you’ve made a payment to the wrong biller company via BPAY you can still request us to recall the funds for you however, the process is a bit different. You can do this by:

Please see our  Account Access Terms and Conditions for more information on recalling BPAY payments.

Recall Fees

You will incur a third party fee to recall a Mistaken/Misdirected Payment. The fee is payble to us with 100% of the fee passed directly through to the payment provider. Currently these fees are:

  • Osko - $33
  • EzyPay - $50
  • BPAY - $20

If you're still unsure what to do, please give us a call asap so we can help (02) 4942 3888.


® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

Please consider the Deposit Product and Account Access Terms and Conditions before make a decision about Hunter United products and facilities.

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