The switch over to IMB Bank is complete! You can now access your accounts again, via Internet Banking at, at a branch or with your new IMB Visa Debit Card.If you need assistance help is available Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm on the merger helpline 1800 370 773.

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Depositing and Withdrawing

Here at Hunter United we try to offer a range of access options for our customers.

Here at Hunter United we try to offer a range of access options for our customers.

To learn more about the Depositing and Withdrawing methods simply click on the title.


HU EzyPay

Wouldn't it be nice to have your very own secretary to run around and pay all your bills for you? No more wasting time looking for parks, no more running around at the last minute. Let Hunter United's HU EzyPay do it for you!

HU EzyPay really is easy. Simply let us know how much, and when your regular bills are due to be paid and to whom. Insurances, your house payment, almost anything that is paid regularly can be paid through our HU EzyPay service. An extensive list of those organisations to which we can organise bill payment is available at any of our branches.

The information is logged onto our computer and the specified amounts will be automatically deducted from your Hunter United account and forwarded to the nominated payee.

HU EzyPay is not restricted to regular bills. Other bills that don't arrive regularly or are of varying amounts such as electricity and telephone accounts can also be handled by the system, you simply bring in the account and complete a withdrawal form. It is important that you allow at least 3 working days to ensure that your payment reaches its destination by the due date.

You can also set up periodical payments. This service enables you to make a payment or transfer to yourself or another party from your savings account on a regular basis.

Periodical payments can be set up to recur (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly) for an indefinite or fixed number of payments or transfers.

Outgoing payments can be in the form of transfers to another customers account or another financial institution.

Users of our Internet Banking service can create their own periodical payments.

Fees may appy, please see the Fees and Charges Fees and Charges sheets for full details.



EzyDebit will allow you to establish a one-off or re-occurring direct debit from an account held with another financial institution into your nominated Hunter United account.

For example, Joan may want to have $200 taken from her bank account and put into her Hunter United e-ZYNET DIRECT account each fortnight. Rather than going to her bank and asking them to credit the sum to Hunter United she can now set this up herself by logging into Hunter United internet banking or calling into a branch - It's easy.

Fees and charges apply if a direct debit is dishonoured.


Branch Deposits/Withdrawals

The one place you can conduct your banking transactions and still be assured of a friendly smile and help when you need it is at one of our convenient branches.

Simply call into one of our branches and you'll see how easy it is: you can transact on any of your accounts, make whatever enquiries you need to and rest assured that your interests are in good hands.


Direct Credit

You can have money directly credited to your account via the Direct Credit system by providing our BSB 704-419 and your account number to the remitter of the funds. Examples include:

  • Salary
  • Pension/allowance
  • Tax refund

Providing this information to the payee will allow them to make payment in this fashion.

Note: when providing information on your membership, always adopt sensible security practices. Learn more about good online security practice.


Direct Debit

With our Direct Debit Bill Paying Service you can prearrange payment of an authorised sum to a nominated recipient at nominated intervals.

You can have many of your payments debited directly from your account. Examples include:

  • Utility bills
  • Insurance payments
  • Credit card monthly repayments
  • Loan repayments
  • Charitable donations

You will need to quote our BSB 704-419 and your account number.

Fees and charges apply if a direct debit is dishonoured.

To find out if you can establish your payments on the direct debit system please speak to one of our staff members.


Drive-up Banking and ATM Access

At Hunter United's Broadmeadow branch we have Drive-up banking for customers - so you can make deposits, transfer funds or make withdrawals from your Hunter United accounts without leaving your car.

This is ideal for mums with children, the elderly or anyone with a disability or injury. No need to go through the "getting them out, then getting them back in" routine, no need to expose everyone to the rain, wind, cold or heatwave - just sit back and do your banking from the comfort of your car. When you think about it, Drive-up banking makes very good sense for all of us, why not call in for a demonstration.

You don't even need to be a Hunter United customer to take advantage of the Drive-up service, all ATM cards can now be used at our ATM's.


Touch Screen Teller

Touchscreen Teller is a free, self-service banking facility, which allows customers to conduct a range of transactions and enquiry services quickly, easily, and securely. By touching the screen of this user friendly, pressure sensitive computer monitor, customers can, following registration -

  • Check account balances
  • Generate a printed statement of transactions on their account
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills
  • View current deposit and loan interest rates
  • Visit the loan calculator facility

Simple step-by-step instructions will guide you through and if you would like some help, a friendly Hunter United staff member will gladly assist you.


Please consider the Terms and Conditions available from Hunter United before making a decision about Hunter United products and facilities. Fees and charges may apply to Hunter United facilities, please see the Fees and Charges sheets for full details.

A Message for Members

As part of the Merger with IMB Bank, Hunter United’s disclosure documents have been updated, effective 1 May 2020.

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Did You Know?

You total deposits up to $250,000 are guaranteed by the Governments Financials Claim Scheme.

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Merger with IMB Bank

Members to benefit from merger with IMB Bank. Read the full list of the merger-related benefits here.

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