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e-Statements Troubleshooting

Switching to e-Statements is easy.


Having Trouble?

If you are experiencing difficulties changing your preferences regarding eStatements, the first thing you should do is make sure your Internet browser software is up to date.

My Browser is Up-to-Date & I'm Still Having Problems

If you are still having problems you can also try:

  • Use the same browser and device throughout the registration process.
  • Ensure your browser does not have the pop-up blocker enabled.
  • Make sure you have a PDF viewer installed.
  • deleting your browsing history and cookies, and restarting your browser; or
  • using a different browser.

We hope you have been able to resolve any problems by following these suggestions.

If you are still experiencing difficulties please call (02) 4941 3888 or email at


A Message for Members

As part of the Merger with IMB Bank, Hunter United’s disclosure documents have been updated, effective 1 May 2020.

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Did You Know?

You total deposits up to $250,000 are guaranteed by the Governments Financials Claim Scheme.

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Fit Ix

Guarantee yourself the same low repayments on your home loan for the next 2 years, at an historically low rate. Suitable for OO loans over $400k. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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Stop Dreaming and Get Driving

Get that new car feeling with our award winning Cracking Car Loan. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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Merger with IMB Bank

Members to benefit from merger with IMB Bank. Read the full list of the merger-related benefits here.

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Green Personal Loan

A low rate loan for just about any sustainable home improvement. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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Life Changing Personal Loans

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